About Fishing in Guatemala with The GreatSailfishing Company

The GreatSailfishing Company has completed Eight Seasons fishing in Guatemala

* We are almost at the end of the peak of our eighth successful season fishing in Guatemala. We are fortunate in that we have met some great anglers over the years, and we now count many of them as friends – as we see them at least once a year ! Each year is different, and mostly each year gets better.
* We started just leasing boats, but we now own and operate our own 35-38ft Bertram Sportfishers with fulltime crews – as well as all the hospitality and logistics that go along with a large and growing fishing operation.

What differentiates The GreatSailfishing Company from others

* We lease our own private villas for the whole season and only ever use one villa per group so that each group of clients receives privacy and personal attention. We find that this is the perfectsolution for groups of anglers who typically get together only once or twice per year, and like to spend time together “catching up”. There is plenty of time after fishing to enjoy a social drink with all the other anglers on the dock or at the marina bar – but it is nice to back to the private villa just with your group for hors d’oevres, drinks and a nice catered dinner. It is equally convenient for families who travel together, as you are located in a secure area in the grounds of a large resort, and so have the ability to take strolls or just wader around to the beach and walk off some of the magnificent dinner.
* When we first started fishing in Guatemala, it was a very small and less well known fishery. There were approximately fifteen charter boats operating out of the Pez Vela Marina. Because we have been operating here almost from the start of the charter fishery, we have built up a strong and loyal client base – who frequently recommend us to others.
* We are “locally” owned an managed. Two of the company’s owners live here year round – and will meet all clients at least once per day. They can therefore address any issues before they become real problems, as they have full authority and autonomy to do whatever is necessary to resolve things. This is Central America – and things do go wrong sometimes; what differentiates us is how we resolve them, and how quickly we can fix it.

Transport to Guatemala for your Fishing trip.

* It is getting easier and easier to link into the International air network and travel to Guatemala for fishing. The government has just spent millions of dollars in building a brand new International air terminal that they hope will become a gateway and hub for Central America.
* Already there are direct flights daily from Florida, Atlanta, Texas, Los Angeles Canada and Madrid – with more being added all the time. It is a short 2.5hr flight from either Miami or Atlanta

Is Guatemala safe for a fishing trip ?

* This is a question that we hear often – as Guatemala does have a reputation for lack of safety. In fact we dedicate a whole section of our website to explaining (and hopefully reassuring) clients the risks or lack of them – you can visit this section under “safety” in the top menu bar….you will also find some helpful tips about how to navigate the airport quickly and efficiently.
* Like many places – particularly those that are less developed as a tourist destination, there are areas to avoid. As long as clients accept our advice and allow us to manage their itineraries, we ensure that they remain safe at all times.
* We meet clients directly at the airport, and transport them directly to the coast. From there, we manage the accommodation, transfers and fishing to ensure safety at all times.
* Clearly the best advice at all times is “use common sense” – keep valuables close (in fact preferably don’t bring any !). Do not carry large amounts of cash. Do not stray into areas that are not well lit, well populated and clearly frequented by other anglers & tourists.
* On balance, as long as these guidelines are followed, there is no more risk than any other fishing destination in Central/South America.

For more information or questions contact us
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