Family Fishing Trips
Security at all Times


As shocking as this may sound…………there are times when not everybody in the family is enamored with the idea of spending every day of the vacation 40 miles offshore chasing around hungry and aggressive billfish !

The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives for the family when not fishing – ranging from shopping and day trips, to overnight trips or just relaxing by the pool.
For a more thorough description about some of these alternatives, we suggest downloading a copy of our Angling Guide to Guatemala that contains over 40 pages of information about your fishing trip to Guatemala and what to expect.

Probably one of the first considerations when planning your trip is safety for your family. The Greatsailfishing Company maintain private villas in the grounds of the Soleil Beach Resort – one of the Premier Beach Resorts in Central America and well known for its facilities and location on the black sand beach of Puerto San Jose.
The Resort and our villas are within the confines of over 100 acres that has complete 24hr security at all entrances and constant patrols. You can relax in the knowledge that your family will be safe and secure at all times within the resort and while lounging around the pool at one of our villas. The villas are staffed with a chef, waitress and maid – and during the day you can expect to see other staff come and go to maintain the pool, work in the gardens or do maintenance – so there are people “on-site” at the villa almost all day…….but discreetly out of the way while you relax...

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