2006/07 Guatemala Fishing Report August 6th 2006

bait in Guatemala


Seas make fishing difficult in Guatemala


This fishing report is for the week ending 08-06-06 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company which operates out of the new Pez Vela Marina, Guatemala.The fishing grounds for this past week ranged from 35 miles to as far as 50 miles. Seas started out fairly nice ranging between 1 to 3ft at the start of the week. However, by mid-week caused by a storm seas were as high as 6ft. We had a charter on Thursday that had to turn around because of these high seas. By the
weekend clam seas were enjoyed by several parties. This week skies ranged from cloudy at the beginning of the week with overcast/cloudy days by weeks end. Some nights saw downpours. Most days started with light breezes in the mornings which picked up in the afternoons.

This week saw fair results with boats reporting raises in the mid to high teens with releases in the mid to high single digits. Once again there were lots of Dorado and yellowfin tuna to be had. At the start of
the week few sportfishing boats ventured out and by mid-week those that tried turned around. This past Saturday our company hosted two charters. Our boat the Joint Venture along with the La Piragua entertained a large group from Banco Industrial. They reported
raises in the mid-teens and released 5 sails on the Joint Venture and 8 sails on the La Piragua. Both boats reported boating 10 and 9 dorado respectfully, could have been more but they didn't leave the dock
until 9:30A.M.(our boats usually depart between 7:00 to 7:30A.M.).

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