2006/07 Guatemala Fishing Report November 25th 2006

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Cindy Garrison and ESPN


This fishing report is for the week ending 11-25-06 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina,Guatemala.

The boats had to move around substantially this week to find Bluewater - lines in at 25 miles and moving out gradually to as far as 50 miles by the end of the week. The greater search area also caused the fish to be spread out and we didn't see the large concentrations of billfish that we had experienced in the prior weeks. Most days the boats were
reporting raises in the low teens with single digits to the boat.

We at GreatSailfishing were pleased to welcome TV personality Cindy Garisson to fish aboard our new Bertram Sportfisher the Reel Diver. We hoped for some good action and footage, and were not let down
as Cindy expertly cast a fly to a lit up Blue Marlin. After a considerable fight, even a Blue Marlin had to succumb to Cindy's charms, and it was
brought to the boat as a 200-250lb class fish. We look forward to seeing the replay on ESPN someday soon.

Winds midweek caused the seas to push up a little, and further disperse bait - but by the w/end had subsided to our regular fishing conditions of blue skies, calm seas and 80 deg. F. temperatures - all was well again, and the fishing continues to improve. fishing grounds for this past week varied between 15

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