2007/08 Guatemala Fishing Report December 10th 2007

sailfishing Guatemala


Night feeding sailfish


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending December 10th 2007 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina .

It’s dark up there at the moment – there is just about no moon to facilitate feeding at night, and that seems to have made the billfish concentrate in packs. If you’ve ever seen the wonderful footage on natural history programs of pods of Sailfish working together corralling bait into tighter and tighter balls, you will have a good image of what the fishing in Guatemala is like at the moment.

The image to the right is Mr. Schafferius with his first Sailfish on the fly - CONGRATULATIONS..........quite a screensaver ! Finding the bait and the blue water is almost guaranteed to find sails (and sometimes marlin) in good concentrations. Sometimes these bait balls are relatively close to each other, and sometimes they are widely dispersed. The fleet has been finding them this past week at distances ranging from 10 – 40 miles from the dock – but once a working area is found, it has been possible to fish it the whole day with continuous action.

Our groups fishing this week had consistent action throughout the day, and for the most part after a relatively short run of about 12 miles. Talk about consistent fishing – on Friday we had 3 groups out on our boats, and two boats returned in the evening having brought 20 sailfish to the boat (thankfully they were all members of Kim Graham’s party !) so the betting had to be deferred to the next day. The Buchel party, not to be outdone, wished that they had been part of the sweep, returning to the dock a few minutes later with a final tally of 24 sailfish caught.

Amazing (fun) Fishfact of the week :
Starfish have eight eyes – one at the end of each leg……
…..amazing but true !

A strong Marlin bite, good numbers of Sailfish raise and caught – and even food for the table……….things are fishing well in the rich fishing grounds off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala.

The boats are ready, the crews are primed – come down and enjoy the buildup to what we hope is going to be a great season fishing with The Great Sailfishing Company

We still have availability for some of the popular dates, so don’t wait, give us a call at 1-877-763-0851or send us an email (below) to check on dates – we would look forward to welcoming you to some of the finest fishing anywhere.

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week :

"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of mind"
~ Washington Irving





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