2007/08 Guatemala Fishing Report January 15th 2007

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Billfishing in Guatemala


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending January 15th 2007 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina .

Well it has certainly been a mixed bag this past week. The fish remain somewhat unco-operative – the fleet is spreading far and wide each morning to find blue water and aggressive fish. The first has not been generally found until 35-50miles from the dock, which makes it a long first run. The good news here is that fresh coffee is served on the way out, and the big heavy Bertrams make as good a coffee platform as the comfy couch at Starbucks.

The second remain more difficult – the fish are there ok., but seem to be finicky and slow to really chase the teasers or the proffered baits. The mixed bag for the Fetterman party came in the form of feisty yellowfin tuna that make about the best sashimi that money can buy – especially on the high seas with all the accoutrements. The mixed bag for the Edgar party was formed by good sized bull dolphin that were duly served up to the group for dinner that evening …… always tastes even better when you just caught it yourself that afternoon.

The billfishing seemed to improve from the low single digits that we
experienced at the beginning of the week – and we are encouraged
(or at least thinking positivey) with the waning crescent moon. My sense
is that a couple of decent sacrifices to the fish Gods should do it for us
so please come down and help out.

We were asked by Mr Nowery to correct the fishing report from last week –we scored him with 3 raises on their first day, when in fact it was 5………. apologies to his team………..but one was a monster and almost counted as three…………..

Hope you enjoyed watching Cindy and her sister fish on the Joint Venture on ESPN2 last Sunday……………or almost as much as we enjoyed watching them ……………….and the fishing was great as well.

We wish all our clients, past, present and future a Happy New Year


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