2007/08 Guatemala Fishing Report March 4th 2007

Blue Marlin jumping


TRIPLE blue marlin hookup in Guatemala


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending March 4th 2007 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina .

I was hoping for one of those days; it has been a while since I managed a day on the water, and much longer since I managed a day with my wife and two sons.

We were inspired by the reports from the Carr party last week of Blue Marlin to be found as well as Sailfish far to the West - so as the sun rose, we parted ways with the majority of the fleet and ran West for an hour to find blue water. It has been slow for Guatemala this "peak season" for some reason - single digits have been the norm, and this day started in much the same way. The crew worked hard to keep the baits fresh and trying different patterns to try and tempt the sails to turn on - but it took 3 hours of trolling to raise the first sailfish.

My 11 year old son took the challenge and Capt. Marvin did a great job of working the boat to get the sail over the transom in 10 minutes for my youngest son's first ever sailfish ! We took a quick 300
photos. and released the fish to swim away.

My 12 year old son was next in rotation, and patiently concentrated on the teasers for 2 hours. Doesn't it always seem to happen this way ? We were just finishing off our lunch that Oswlado the first mate on the Reel Diver had lovingly prepared, when The yell resonated from the bridge : Marlina !!............. and there it was, focused on the centre teaser. Oswaldo grabbed the 50WT rigged with a freshly sewn bonita belly and pitched it while I thrust the remnants of lunch into the trash. As I looked up, I could see the huge shadow of a very large marlin redirect its focus now to the fresh bait just tossed. It inhaled the bonita and the reel
screamed - the fish was well hooked. "Mas Mas" screamed Capt. Marvin to wake us up from the action - and we pitched Rigged ballyhoo back to two more apparently hungry bills. Two quick hook ups and
we were there.......3 Blue Marlin hooked up at one time !! Now what to do ??

Some of the chaos was relieved when in the melee two lines crossed while all three marlin were running and we lost one of the fish - regrettably the largest. We still had a double header underway however. We maneuvered the boat so that one fish was off the bow and one was off the stern, and we started to feed line to my son's fish so that we could focus on bringing the other fish to the boat. Oswaldo made busy
connecting line as the fish off the bow just continued to run.... Twenty minutes later, we had the first Marlin, approximately 300lbs to the leader and a clean release was executed. Now my son was faced with
a still fresh marlin and 1000yds of Dacron between him and the fish......he faced the challenge with a brave face.. An hour and several bottles of water later, we hauled in Matthew's first Blue Marlin - a good fish of around 400lbs. Some quick pictures, and the third marlin of the afternoon disappeared into the deep blue water. It had been a Great Day out on the fishing grounds of Guatemala .

Kevin Styles

Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week :

"Game fish are too valuable to be caught only once"
~Lee Wulff


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