2007/08 Guatemala Fishing Report May 8th 2008

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Steve Robinson 900lb Guatemala Blue Marlin!!


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending May 8th 2008 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina .

Once offshore and the spread running at trolling speed we hooked up with two sailfish, double header to start not even a 20 minute wait. After landing both fish and photographing, we commenced again.

15 minutes later we hooked up again, the captain saw the Marlin take the starboard outrigger bait. No time for a pitch bait on heavier tackle.

The hook up was a very large Pacific Blue Marlin. The boat was the Tranquility. (31 ft Bertram).

We estimated it to be between 300 – 500 lbs initially, that is until we got it leadered for the first time. I know enough Spanish to understand “ocho ciento cincuenta”!! Which is what the captain yelled. I have seen many fish in the 300 lbs class growing up in the Keys and this fish was… well far larger not only in length but the width was unbelievable. It was a quite a few feet longer on both sides than the width of the stern. John (the angler) said it scared him when he first saw it.

The tackle was a TLD 25 Shimano reel spooled with 20 lbs test, 80 lbs leader. It hit a rigged naked ballyhoo and not the mackerel pitch bait!

The angler was John Bottone from New Jersey, first time saltwater fishing. I talked him through the entire battle, pouring more water on the reel than John. The reel was always in motion.

The fight took more than 4.5 hours. Touched the leader 3 times but could not get the fish under control. On the last touch the 1st mate triple wrapped the leader and tried to horse it in causing the leader to brake, sounded like a 22 gun going off…

We have some video and two very poor pictures, one of the fish about 12 ft down and one on the surface.

We are trying to edit the video so we can get some still shots. We have it jumping twice on video. The size of the splash area was unbelievable.

Not a rumor….

Found out that you cannot bring any billfish to the dock, even if an IGFA world record……which at the worst would have been 800lbs Marlin on 20 lbs.

Lifetime memories.

“Its all about the experience”….. what a tag line you got!









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