2009/10 Guatemala Fishing Report February 18th 2009

swimming with sailfish in Guatemala

Mixing it up in Guatemala


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending Feb 18th 2009 and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina.

This is the time of the season for billfishing in Guatemala when we expect to have some predictability. Our clients return on a regular basis at the same time each year, expecting the same results. That’s what January to March down here is supposed to deliver.

Good concentrations of billfish nice warm days and calm seas – and consistent action throughout the fishing day.

We are now approximately half way through the peak season, and we have seen hardly any of this – we have had days raising up to 80 sailfish, we have had days raising only (high !) single digits. We have raised Blue Marlin and Black Marlin – we have even been seeing plenty of tuna. Variety is usually a good thing, but normally we get variety on top of a strong and consistent billfish bite. The weather has been similarly inconsistent, with cold fronts (yes …cold fronts !!!! ……in Guatemala…………) coming through on a fairly regular basis, and pushing the fishing action out from 30 miles to 50 miles.

The fishing this past week has slowed down from the fishing frenzy that we experienced in late January, and the blue water has pushed out again to about 40 miles. We have been consistently raising 10-15 billfish per day on the back of (another) cold front, but it does seem to be settling down to a more predictable pattern

We welcomed Mike Northcott down late in January, followed by Linda Gould for her return trip. I mention this because the last person we had taking a swim with the fish was Cindy Garrison, who clearly couldn’t control her excitement at bringing a beautiful pacific sail to the transom – and promptly donned a mask and hiked over the side to take pictures and carouse with nature. Obviously Mike………followed in quick succession with Linda Gould’s group – were inspired by this, as they took the first dip of this season with the billfish and got some great pictures. In some ways this is better than classic “catch and release” as the fish forgoes the last manic dash for freedom and instead is released gently in the water – but on the other hand if you have ever seen one of these creatures lit up in hues of blue and leaping towards the stern (and angler) with a glint in its eye and aiming its bill at the quarry…… may pause to question the wisdom of being in the same proximity. Not a tactic that we would endorse, and neither would our insurance…..but great pictures nonetheless.

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Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week :

"The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing."
~ Babylonian proverb

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