2009/10 Guatemala Fishing ReportJanuary 17th 2010

sailfish close to boat


Rock’n Roll


First it rocked, then it rolled and finally it really rocked………………
Today there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Guatemala just South of the Marin towards El Salvador. All of our boats were out fishing at the time - which is probably about the safest place for them when these things happen - but there are no casualties and little damage reported from the coast.

t.Earthquake Guatemala fishing


Unusually for Guatemala, we had two cold fronts come through in quick succession that built upon each other to produce some pretty significant seas and blasts of cold air. This often has the effect of scattering the concentrations of bait and making the fishing more challenging – but not this time. The billfish stayed focused relatively close to shore on some very rapid temperature breaks and continued to feed despite the inclement weather and waves “up top”. The boats suffered a little in this “rockin’” period, but nothing that a few stainless screws and clamps couldn’t take care of.

All through the week and a half of weather that we experienced, the fishing stayed hot – with 20-30 fish raised the norm throughout. We “rolled” through the groups, welcoming back many familiar faces to the coast and to the great fishing.
Then came the real “rockin” – close on the heels of the disaster in Haiti, and as we are all sensitized to the devastation that earthquakes can bring, we experienced a 5.8 magnitude this morning, centered just offshore and South of the marina towards El Salvador. No casualties or significant damage is reported at this time. Earthquakes of this magnitude are familiar territory in this part of Central America – not quite an everyday occurrence, but frequent enough that even a 5.8 does not set off the alarms.









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