2009/10 Guatemala Fishing ReportJanuary 25th 2010

sailfish jumping


Timing is Everything


In general, the fishing in Guatemala has been very good and consistent for the last several weeks. What has changed is where the fish are……….one day we are finind blue water at 35 miles, the next it may be as close as 5 miles from the dock. Mostly we are just glad to be able to find it quickly in the morning, and then to set a pattern between the boats to find out where the bait and pelagic are concentrated.hello dear

We welcomed back the Graham party for fishing last week – over the course of 5 days they released their fair share…….quote ……….“Had a great trip last week with about 100 releases. A couple of real nice fish. I got one on conventional that the crew guessed in the 150 class and my last fish of the trip was a 2 hour battle on a the fly rod with a 130 plus fish.”
I did check with the Captain, and he did verify that the sail on the fly was at least 130lbs, which even for Guatemala is a very big fish !

Seemingly this group wore the fish out, as they became kind of scarce for a few days – until the Mitchell group showed up with a fine case of hand tied flies that proved just too much for the sailfish to resist. Every day over the course of the next few days, the fishing just got better and better, with the fish becoming more and more aggressive as the new moon progresses. On their final day, they raised 22 sailfish with 12 good bites to the fly and 8 releases – and about a hundred photographs to document the day !








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