2009/10 Guatemala Fishing Report June 7th 2009

two sailfish caught together

Shaken but not Stirred


This Guatemala fishing report is for the week ending
June 7   2009  and is prepared by The Great Sailfishing Company
operating out of the new Pez Vela Marina.

Greetings from a somewhat rainy Guatemala. The rain has yet to start in earnest, but it is earnestly about to start.

Over the course of the years, I have heard many debates and even some arguments about whether the rain affects the fishing..............positively or negatively. I guess my conclusion after listening and in some cases partaking in these debates is that "it depends" it is with much of fishing, and with most of the variables involved. The weather offshore has been relatively kind. Some showers, even the odd thunderhead thrown in - but nothing good size sportfishing boats can't handle with ease and almost comfort. The seas have been rolling as much as 4-6ft - which is unusual even for this time of year - but sometimes that is what it takes to literally "shake things up" and get the fish to bite. Our most recent trips have reported some great and consistent bites on BIG Blue Marlin. Our Blues generally average in the 300-450lb class....but these have been averaging considerably more, maybe 500+ and as high as 650lbs or so.

I was reminded of my struggle (perhaps a better adverb is needed..) when I took my two sons (11 & 13 at the time) out 2 years ago but about this time. Hooking up to 3 good size Blues at the same time - one in excess of 600lbs easy......we got two to the boat, but only after an epic struggle - that was similar to the one described to me recently : Headly Weir has a one-of-a-kind record he'd just as soon forget. Fishing a tournament in 1986 near Montego Bay, Jamaica, Weir hooked a huge marlin. Soon the eighty-pound line had nearly spooled, so Weir grabbed a new rod, clipped the line to the old reel, and tossed it overboard. The new reel lost so much line that Weir attached a third and then a fourth rod and reel. Twelve hours after being hooked, the powerful marlin snapped the line, taking with it 4,000 yards of monofilament and four expensive Penn International rod and reels



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