2009/10 Guatemala Fishing Report March 1st 2010

flyfishing reels for sailfish

Clinton coming to Guatemala but not fishing

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is this week embarking on a whipsaw tour through Latin America. Friday sees her arriving in Guatemala for meetings with Central American leaders. We would like her to sample the fishing in Guatemala while she was here, perhaps “Bubba” Clinton could take a brief sojourn to the coast and experience some of the best billfishing in the world !
If you are coming down towards the end of this week, you can expect to encounter extreme security measures; the last time we had American dignitaries in the country la gente were distracted from their nightly fireworks by the sound of a squadron of F16’s hurtling overhead at close to the speed of sound. For a country that boasts no airforce to speak of, this caused something of a stir in the skies above the coffee fields as seemingly the pilots wanted to get up close and personal with some sightseeing from low altitude ! The old slate roofs of Antigua shuddered and shook as the shockwave followed the jets over the old capital

If the Secretary of State (or her husband) does manage to fit some sailfishing into the itinerary, she will be pleasantly surprised by her timing.
The past week had been relatively slow, but prior to that the bite had remained hot for the best part of two weeks. Average raises over that period were close to twenty per boat per day, but this slowed over the period of the full moon to around ten per day – still world class fishing, but we always hope for better !
This week the fishing has been consistent at about 35 miles, with deep blue water holding a lot of bait and aggressive fish. We are raising twenty plus fish per day, and the flyfishermen are getting plenty of practice with the long wand !
The good fishing however (and hopefully !) will continue until the end of April and even into May we have seen a strong and sustained Marlin bite – so in that regard the season here in February is only just starting !







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