Guatemala Fishing Report December 24th 2010

Sailfish Fly-Fishing



80 deg.F, calm seas, blue skies……While the winter storms are ravaging parts of N. America and Europe, the cold front has now passed through Guatemala and we seem to be in a consistent weather pattern of warm sunny days and calm seas.
The bait that was so thick you could almost walk on it (and some of the birds seemed to be doing just that.......) has now dispersed somewhat - making the sailfish more aggressive. While we generally welcome the warm currents that bring in the bait and the temperature contours that concentrate it, the last couple of weeks have seen the fish so concentrated they were easy pickings for all sorts of predators.

Acres of bait balled up were surrounded by pods of Pacific Dolphin that cruised around the periphery keeping the bait in an area of about a square mile. The billfish hunted below, usually we only knew they were there when there was a flurry of surface activity as the sailfish attacked from below and forced the panicked baitfish to the surface.  Now that the bait has dispersed, the sailfish and marlin are having to work a bit harder and are much more amenable to trolled teasers and other surface activity.

The boats have been consistently raising sailfish in the high teens each day with a good few mid-size blue marlin (300lb range) in the mix as well. The calm seas have made for some exciting bites and have been perfect for capturing some great action shots of the sails teased to the stern of the boats.

There is still time.........
We are only now coming into the peak of the sailfishing season in Guatemala, but still have some dates left in February and March. If you have been down before, you will know how good those months can be - if you have yet to experience the fishery down here, there is still time ! If you are not sure what to expect - you are encouraged to download a copy of our Fishing Guide to Guatemala HERE.
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Finally............our best wishes for the Xmas Season (and of course the Fishing Season) - and  a Happy New Year to all of our friends, clients and fishermen
Les, Carlos, Jim and Kevin

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