Guatemala Fishing Report November 15th 2010

Sailfish Fishing

Giving Thanks!!

The blue water pushing inshore has actually cooled a little over the past few days, and thankfully has brought a strong bite along with it. The groups fishing with us this past week have enjoyed good sailfish action ....raising double digits every day......but noteworthy has been the number of marlin sightings and raises - both large Blue Marlin and an unusually (for this time of year) strong showing of striped marlin. We often see "stripeys" later in the season as they push down with the currents from Mexico, but we are hopeful that their early showing this year portends for a long and exciting marlin fishery this season.

We have been putting lines in this week at about thirty miles from the dock (about ten miles closer than last week) and slowly zig-zagging out to deeper water until we found good concentrations of baitfish and other feeding activity. Soon after lines in, we were seeing free jumping sailfish every ten minutes or so, but not enough to really stay in the area - we were looking for cooler water and more aggeressive feeding fish. It seems like when they are free-jumping they are either moving quickly or just playing - but not usually feeding.

We found both sailfish and marlin around pods of dolphin at 42 miles from the Marina Pez Vela and fished this area productively for most of the day - raising lit-up  sailfish every twenty minutes or so........a good pace for consistent fishing action. The Joint Venture raised two Blue Marlin on one of her charters at the weekend - although they were tentative in their approach and we were not able to hook-up. Plenty of sailfish and some mahi came to the boat however and the fishing only continues to improve !

We still have a couple of places left for our shared trip the last weekend of March 2011 if you want to come down and experience the great billfishing in Guatemala. 

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