Guatemala Fishing Report November 2011

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November 2011 Guatemala Fishing  Report  

There’s a reason why they call it the “rainy season” in tropical and subtropical fishing destinations such as Guatemala and Costa Rica ! The regular fishing season in those countries is regarded as October-May, but of course is always weather and fish dependent – either of which can be difficult to control.
This year, Guatemala fishing had a long and very rainy June and August – which is not unusual – but the already saturated ground was overwhelmed when a late tropical storm hit in mid-October. The already stretched infrastructure was just not able to cope. The government reported at one point that 75% of the roads in the country were “affected” ………… which means that getting from point A to Point B was pretty much impossibly unless they both happened to lie on the Autostrada.
The weather of course always impacts the fishing in Guatemala and elsewhere – and as importantly it affects the offshore weather patterns and currents. Where good blue water had been building a steady course inland in the first half of the month, with good amounts of bait and so predatory fish following along – this weather pattern quickly changed all of that and pushed the water back out at least 40 miles. You can see some “before” and “after” satellite photos on our website that show the water clarity going from excellent to “green” as well as being disjointed and broken up …………… making it very difficult to find fish.
For those anglers that were fortunate to fish before the storm came in, they found plenty of good sized dorado and decent concentrations of sailfish – with boats raising modest numbers of 5-10 sailfish per day. The mood at the dock was pretty positive – as Captains were getting their charges ready for what they anticipate to be a strong fishing season in Guatemala and Costa Rica, they felt good about the reports that were coming back about the amount of bait that was concentrating just offshore – and importantly about the lack of longliners over the last 6 months as the government has taken action.
Since the weather, the conditions have improved steadily – although it has taken a full two weeks for the water to fully recover to the previous quality. Anglers fishing in November have seen consistent numbers of fish – with higher average rates (as we would expect) that in early October; 10 or so sailfish per day has become the norm, with still plenty of dorado being caught for the table as well.
You may have read from last Guatemala Fishing season reports that we have enjoyed a very strong marlin run for the last couple of seasons – with most boats raising a blue or black marlin each day from December through about March. Well they are back !! Or more accurately, we are seeing some extraordinary numbers os striped marlin at the moment – not to compete with the volume of sailfish of course – but multiple raises per day which is unusual for Guatemala and Costa Rica fishing. These striped marlin are common further North in Mexico running up to Baha, but have become more common in the rich waters of Guatemala over the last few years. Hopefully the conditions that have brought these striped marlin to Guatemala will also have some big blue marlin following closely behind.
Thankfully the weather and fishing in Guatemala seems to have turned now for the better, and we are into our stable weather and fishing patterns for the season. If you are considering a fishing trip to the warm Pacific waters this year, please visit our website or call as we do still have some dates available for the peak of the season in Guatemala.

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