Guatemala Fishing Season Summaries

Guatemala Fishing Season Summaries

Fishing Season Summaries for Guatemala Fishing

We produce weekly fishing reports for Guatemala during the prime fishing season which can be found through the fishing reports meuns above.

Here however you will find all in one place a summary of each years fishing in Guatemala - good and bad !

The fishing season in Guatemala is generally regarded to run from October through May - although the fish are here all year round. November until the end of April is the dry season in Guatemala, which brings with it warm sunny days and calm conditions - which make the fishing off the Pacific Coast of Guatemala a pleasurable exercise. The fishing typically starts at 20 miles or so from the Marina Pez Vela and can reach out as far as 50 miles depending on the currents and hence the position of the blue water concentration. As well as our regular Guatemala Fishing Reports, you can find from the "Current Fishing Report' page a link to the charts of sea surface temperatures and get a good idea where the temperature breaks that most likely hold fish currently are.


To read the most recent fishing report click HERE

To see the latest SST (Sea Surface Temperature) charts that we use to try and pinpoint the most likely locations to be holding bait and so Sailfish and Blue Marlin, click HERE








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