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There are many good reasons why companies desire to get their executives away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business-and a company-sponsored fishing trip to Guatemala can provide the perfect environment to satisfy all needs.

Whether for incentive purposes, corporate retreats, executive sessions or just a need to congregate executives far away from the office so that they can engage their creative minds in solving real-world issues-it is always important that details are taking care of on their behalf so that they can focus and use the time together productively.

A Guatemala fishing trip can be the perfect locale for groups as small as four and as many as forty executives. Spending time together with a collective focus can dramatically deepen relationships and enable conversations that may otherwise be difficult to broach. Fishing together in small groups of up to six anglers for a day provides relaxation interspersed with moments of high excitement that promote teambuilding and support for one another.

The Greatsailfishing Company has been operating with its own fleet of sportfishing boats in Guatemala for almost 10 years and is able to provide all necessary planning, support and facilities for both small and large corporate groups. Smaller groups are accommodated in one or more of our private villas that are fully catered and supported by an experienced staff. Larger groups that may require business facilities such as videoconferencing, projectors, computer networking etc. may be accommodated in the adjacent full-service Soleil resort.

Working closely with the client, we are able to develop great teambuilding events such as intra-group fishing tournaments, flyfishing clinics, tackle and tactics and interactive sessions that combine to provide a memorable but productive event.
Corporate adventure travel to Guatemala may serve several different purposes. Probably the most common is for it to be used as an innovative way to recognize and reward top performers in the organization as incentive travel or as a special bonus. It is also often used as a way for senior executives to renew and reinvigorate their relationships together in a way that is relaxed but still retains a competitive edge.

The benefits of corporate fishing trips do not stop when the group departs Guatemala; the memories created and the relationships that are rekindled continue to serve the organization over many months and in some cases years. The buzz of the fishing trip is not confined to those who participated; it may continue to provide an incentive for tomorrow's top performers to deliver so that they too may become a member of the elite team.

If you are considering a corporate fishing trip to Guatemala there are some important questions to be asked and answered:

  • Will the organizer of the trip be on-site so that any issues that arise can be handled promptly and effectively
  • Are the facilities proven and safe
  • Can changes to itineraries and attendees be accommodated on-site as needs arise
  • Is the providing company well established and able to provide quality references
  • Can the locale provide the desired mix of privacy, adventure and environment

The owners of The Greatsailfishing Company are based in Guatemala and pride themselves in answering “yes” to all of the questions above and will serve as your direct support and liaison. Because they are owners, they are empowered to make decisions and commitments on the spot in order to address requests or issues as they arise. No having to “refer back the main office” or get “approval from management” – we can take care of your group with the highest quality and responsiveness. We own our own fleet of Bertram Sportfishers and have full control over all facilities. When you are planning a fishing trip for incentive travel or executive retreat, fishing in Guatemala is an ideal adventure for you and your team.

You will have personal, immediate “concierge” service from the moment you start to plan your trip to the time you depart Guatemala – from the owners of the company who are empowered to make decisions on the spot and to resolve any issues immediately.


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