2012/2013 Guatemala Fishing Season Summary

Guatemala Fishing 2012/2013

Our season started early this season – in fact it never really ended – as we were blessed by good weather throughout the summer months. Unusually, the rain stayed largely away and there was a lack of any significant storms churning up the water and shifting the currents around offshore. This meant that for the most part the bait stayed concentrated and the predators stayed with it.
The sailfishing was consistent throughout the “off-season”, although some days we were having to steam as far as fifty miles in order to find a consistent bite.
The summer months typically bring some great dorado fishing, as the predictable rains flood the river systems coming down from the highlands and bring with it debris that flows out to the ocean. This provides cover and habitat for juvenile fish and in particular dorado. In the height of the fishing season in Guatemala, there is usually not much to be found floating offshore providing targets for the boats to fish for dorado, as the currents quickly sweep logs and weed further out to sea – but in the summertime there is much more flotsam and so much easier to target these great eating fish. Almost every day we would be able to troll baits around weedlines or logs and draw a strong dorado bite that would result in cerviche for our crew and guests as well as a delicious fresh fish sandwich for lunch.
Offshore we were raising six to twelve billfish each day; less than the peak season of October through April – but enough to provide consistent action for your clients. As we moved into full swing in October however, the numbers and concentrations of sailfish improved and by November we were seeing double digit fish raised pretty much every day as well as good numbers of marlin.
We didn’t see the huge number of billfish that Guatemala is famous for until late December however – they were there, just more scattered across the vast bowl than we would like. The captains did a great job of fanning out each morning to find the most productive cuts and by noontime all boats were on good consistent fishing.
In January and February when all boats were out every day, we had some great days of raising forty plus sailfish in a day, and often the boats would arrive at the dock with a group that was struggling to raise a cold beer to their lips with their tired arms !
Of particular note this season was the rooster fishing that saw much larger numbers more consistently than in prior years. They would be concentrated close to the surf line in water that was flowing from the estuaries to the South of the marina. They provided great sport and some trophy fish in the forty pound class on light tackle for some lucky anglers.






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