Soleil Resort


If you are looking for the more impersonal atmosphere of a large resort, yet enjoy the freedom to roam across expansive grounds and facilities, then the beach resort is perhaps a good alternative for you.

The Soleil Resort is probably the best known and most accommodating to the expectations of anglers.

The rooms are clean, air conditioned and comfortable.

The meals and drinks are included in the cost, so no worrying about the bar tab at the end of the evening (or even worse, getting stuck with someone else’s bar tab!) – Just focus on enjoying yourselves, and making sure you can get up in the morning for the fishing!!

The resort is predominantly a timeshare targeted towards the Guatemala “elite” who mostly use it as a weekend getaway from the city. Because of this, you can anticipate relative solitude during the week (you may be one of very few tables for dinner, or the only ones swimming in the pool) – but the pace picks up at the weekend, with a show and disco that can keep you rocking until the wee hours.

There are usually evening activities and entertainment at the Soleil Beach Resort on Fridays, Saturdays and also on high occupancy days.

Enjoy a variety of family and children's movies on Fridays at the Caracoles Restaurant's terrace and on Saturday's at the Cabaña's Club at 19:30 hrs.

The hotel's theatre show, with professional choreographic set ups, acting, lights and state dressing is presented by the animation's team at 21:00 hrs. with the show lasting for 45 to 60 minutes. The plays and theatre shows are: Grease, Tropicalísimo, Aladdin, Black Night, The Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera and Moline Rouge.
As part of the night activities on Fridays, Saturdays and high occupancy days there is also a disco environment at the Cabaña Club with a schedule from 22:00 to 01:00 hrs., with contests, dances and a lot of animated music by the entertainment Animation staff. Of course all of these activities are aimed at the folks that come down from the city to spend the weekend, and are for the most part only in Spanish..

For more information or questions contact us
1-336 655 0541

Office: 00(502) 7934-62-20
Cell: 5966-4528 or 4065-1179

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