Climb the Volcanoes!!!

There are an incredible 33 volcanoes in Guatemala - in fact it becomes one of the lasting impressions of the landscapr as you come to Guatemala whether for fishing or travelling.

Five of these are classes as active, with three within easy travel distance of the coast where you will be staying when fishing in Guatemala.

Probably the best known and most visited of these is Pacaya which is a popular day trip for visitors to Antigua.The volcano first erupted approximately 23,000 years ago and has managed it at least 23 times since.It rises to a height of 2,552 metresand after being dormant for a century erupted violently in 1965 and has been going pretty much continuously ever since.The last significant activity was in 2006 when a new lava cavern opened and started to stream down building a significant laval field as it went.

The lava stream remains open, and you can get within feet of the molten lava if you are brave enough ! It is a relatively inexpensive day excursion to make either on a layday from fishing or if some of the fishing group prefer to opt out of fishing for the dsay and take a side trip.

It is a volcano - that means it is steep and you need to hike to reach the point at which you can approach the lava stream. It is approximately 4km from the bottom to the top - and it is ALL UPHILL!!!

The last Km or so is a difficult traverse over the recently formed lava field - and so is also dangerous as you are surrounded by sharp expired lava. As you approach the lava stream itself, you notice the rock temperature increasing and with it the air temperature...............................until you finally reach your destination.

We suggest doing the afternoon tour - as you hike back at dusk and the view of the volcano rising majestically above you while rumbling and spewing out lava is quite breathtaking.

If you choose to experience this on your fishing trip, we HIGHLY recommend : Closed toe hiking boots Long trousers or at least long socks Plenty of water Flashlight or headlight

It is possible to ascend (and descend) the first 3km of the trek on horseback (about $30) - but the last Km up and down you have to hike.

It is a trip that is very worthwhile if you have the energy to spare !

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