Land Safety

We highly recommend not to self-drive in Guatemala. The Great Sailfishing Company has its own transport and drivers that is comfortable, has capacity and is air conditioned.

Like anywhere else in the world, the airport is a natural concentration for foreigners, who typically have valuables or luggage or passports close to hand – and as such can become targets. The area surrounding the airport therefore has a higher concentration of incidents than most other areas as anybody with mal intent tends to “fish where the fish are”. If you must drive, before departing the airport, be clear about your route, hide from view any valuables – and do not stop. When stopped at traffic signals keep sufficient space between you and the vehicle in front that is anything goes awry, you are not hemmed in and can get away.

Such incidents do not happen very often – particularly given the growth in tourism – but they do happen, as in almost all countries where there is a large discontinuity between those that have plenty, and those that have very little.

Once on the road, the highway out of the city can be slow and very busy with convoys of trucks. Although they do try to manage this with curfews during the daytime, a consequence can be that all of the large trucks time their trips to be on the outskirts of the city during the day and early evening – and so can concentrate in waiting areas and clog up arteries. Outside of the city, you will be greeted a modern 4 lane highway, where cruising speeds of 60-70mph are the norm – and it is a relatively direct and quick transition to the coats for fishing.

You will be accompanied during your trip by a representative of the Great Sailfishing Company throughout your stay anytime you are outside the Villas del Pacifico resort and compound area. This is for your safety and to ensure no wandering into areas that are not safe for visitors. We will be happy to take you to market for souvenirs etc.. The only time that we propose self-guiding is in the heart of the town of Antigua. This is a very popular tourist destination, and as such is well policed and safe. It is safe in the evenings around the main square area, but we would suggest to limit ambling to within a block or so of that without our guide.

Overall, Guatemala is no better and no worse than any other country in the region; if you conduct yourself with awareness of your surroundings, do not wander off the beaten track – and apply copious amounts of common sense, there is little or no reason to be concerned. Your safety and security is paramount. We have been operating here now for 8 years without any significant incident (touch wood) – as we believe have the other operators.

When in the accommodation, whether in a private villa or staying at the resort Villas del Pacifico, you are able to walk around freely within the area and to go to the beach with impunity.


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