Water Safety

All of the vessels owned and operated by The Greatsailfishing Company come complete with all necessary safety equipment.

Standard on our boats are (sufficient) US coastguard approved life jackets, self-inflating emergency rafts, flares, whistles, backup electronics (vhf, gps) and ePirb.

The fleet in Guatemala is relatively small, and many of the captains are either related or have known each other for their whole lives. Information on fishing is freely shared so that everyone is able to locate and catch billfish. All billfishing in Guatemala is catch and release, so there is no competition to find them first or harvest them before others get there !

A significant benefit of this arrangement tends to be that during the day, the fleet fish within 10 miles of each other, and are in constant radio contact – so if any emergency or event occurs, other boats can and will be on scene in a short amount of time. Guatemala is also blessed with very calm seas – even 50 miles out – for most of the prime fishing season, which takes away one of the significant variables for offshore fishing.

The captain will generally give a safety briefing on your first visit to the boat. If you are unclear about the location of the safety equipment, or any part of the process, please ask us either at the dock prior to departure or at any other time during your trip.


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