Nobody likes having to travel too far for dinner – but unfortunately this past week we have had to run a good distance in order to find a steady bite. The boats have been cruising out thirty miles from the dock before finding good blue water but at least our clients have had well over an hour to finish their coffee and digest breakfast before focusing on the next meal.This time of year offers the opportunity for multiple species each day – supplementing the sport of the sailfish are others that we can bring to the table.Each day this past week we have had good numbers of sailfish raises, averaging 16 per day – but we have also brought good size dorado and yellowfin tuna to the boat. The largest dorado was in excess of fifty pounds, caught by Mr. Rickard on 20lb standup – and fed the group for the next two days for cerviche and dinner – with plenty left over for the crew!It was a feeding frenzy for the fish, the clients and the crew !We also announced this month our next “shared trip” of the season for April 4-8th. We know that it can be expensive to fish on large sportfishing boats by yourself or just as a couple – so we put these trips together to try and share the cost and make it as affordable as possible.More details of our Shared Trip can be found here