Single Anglers & Shared Trips

We get many enquiries each season from individuals or small groups who would be willing to combine with others in a package or charter in
order to share costs and make the experience more affordable.

FIRST TRIP OF THE 2019/20 SEASON is NOW SCHEDULED: February 7-11th 2020

SECOND TRIP OF THE 2019/20 SEASON is NOW SCHEDULED: April 25-29th 2020

We are well aware that the cost for a single angler (and often for two anglers) can often be prohibitive – so we have a program to try and facilitate the sharing of a trip with others to try and make it as cost efficient as possible.  If you are interested in participating, please fill out the registration below and we will periodically send out an email to all registered anglers proposing dates and how many slots are available – as well as an estimated cost (it may vary slightly depending on

If you do decide to combine with others, this is what we guarantee :

Accommodation will be either in single room with private bath at the Soleil Beach Resort – or individual private room at out Greatsailfioshing Lodge (depending on availability)

Each angler will have his/her own bedroom.  In most cases each angler will have his/her own bathroom. 

All trips include all meals and all drinks – so no sharing of bar tabs or unexpected bills at the end. You pay up front and there are no other charges (tips are discretionary). 

Final night will be at the Biltmore Hotel in Guatemala City on a room only basis. (Free shuttle to Airport)

We will have a maximum of 4 anglers per boat.

Our normal terms and conditions apply.