This could be the best season ever for Guatemala fishing.
The billfshing has always been good in Guatemala, but we have not seen this many fish in several years this early in the season. They seem to be holding in pockets of warm water at about 40 miles from the dock where there is plenty of bait to be found. This same area is als producing good numbers of dorado and some blue marlin showing in the spreads as well.
Not only are the sailfish concentrated in good numbers, there have been some monsters in the mix as well – with several greater than 150lbs bein broughht to the boats over the past few weeks.The all tackle (IGFA) record stands at 221lbs and we have seen fish closing in on that – there is certainly the opportunity for a new record on 20lb tippet !
The weather hs been great with warm days and calm seas – perfect for prospecting out to the deep blue water and providing an opportunity top get away from cold winter starting to ramp in the North !
Even better, there are indications that the warm eddies are moving inshore so that our boats are now finding fish within ten miles of the dock, providing more time on the water for anglers to catch (and release) plenty of billfish on our charters. You can click on the image top the right to see a full size chart of the current waters temperatures and how they are moving closer to the port.

If you haven’t been to Guatemala before or had the opportunity to cast a fly to a lit-up sailfish 20ft from the stern of the boat………it is a thrill to be remembered for a long time.¬†Our boats are in the water and the crews are ready to fish – so if you are considering a trip, please get in touch as the prime dates are filling up fast. We look forward to welcoming you – or if returning for another trip, to seeing you again – to the best sailfishing in the world !

Kevin Styles