This is seeming to be a confusing season; we had a great bite in late  December and early January…. and then it went cold. Both in the sense of the veracity of the bite, and also for the relative water temperature as far out as forty miles.

It appeared like we had recovered, and the fishing was coming back to the “norm” of catches in the teens for late February………… but it has stayed  stubbornly in the single digits for most days this month. 

Up and down the Pacific coast, we hear similar reports of less aggressive  and less numerous bites than expected for this time of year……..but we live in hope and anticipation of it really turning on……plenty of time yet! 

On the positive side, we are seeing and catching a good run of Blue Marlin :  The James party had 2 good sized Blues in the spread on their penultimate   days fishing. Unfortunately the fish refused the fresh Bonita belly baits, and  despite being surround by tasty teasers of all flavors, and just wouldn’t  bite seriously. I’m happy to report however that that was resolved on their  final day as they hooked up and brought to the boat a 300lb Blue Marlin……a   good trophy to accompany the 7 sailfish caught that day. Congratulations !  

 Our Favorite Fishing Quote for the week:  

  “The gods do not deduct from man’s allotted span the hours spent in fishing”

  ~Babylonian Proverb

We also announced this month our next “shared trip” of the season for April 4-8th. We know that it can be expensive to fish on large sportfishing boats by yourself or just as a couple – so we put these trips together to try and share the cost and make it as affordable as possible.

More details of our Shared Trip can be found here