It was less than a week ago when we were fishing well within sight of land and raising great numbers of sailfish with the odd dorado thrown in for dinner.¬† This¬† lasted three or four days until the currents changed and the water started to turn green – more green than we liked and certainly more green than the billfish liked. The currents churned for the next couple of days and even with the aid of SST (surface temperature readings) each night – it was tough and required a lot of fuel to chase around offshore looking for the “normal” concentrations of sails……….By midweek this had stabilised and each day we have been raising 15-20 sailfish on each trip – although it has required a much longer run offshore – as far as 30+ miles on a couple of occasions. The good news is that the weather is calm and the blue water continues to push inshore. The fishing is great – and predictable – once again ! We also announced this week our next “shared trip” of the season for April 4-8th. We know that it can be expensive to fish on large sportfishing boats by yourself or just as a couple – so we put these trips together to try and share the cost and make it as affordable as possible.More details of our Shared Trip can be found here